Advantages of the Mobile System

• Very easy to use in multi-stations, it can be used to serve several ramps
• Very flexible for all requirements (for small and large vehicle fleets)
• Avoids costly work on sites already built and often difficult to access or incompatible areas (recovery tray in showrooms for example)
• Immediate and simple operation directly on the workplace without demanding a particular infrastructure.

Technical Characteristics

Used oil suction system:
• consisting of an oil recovery tray
with a 70 L capacity
• 1 flexible tube equipped with a suction adapter.
with pivoting support and 7 m double tube
• 1 1/4" diaphragm pump
• 1 3-mm flexible tube
equipped with a suction adapter
This system allows you to serve your two ramps

Model P159
Drains the sump
by pressurisation.
Flexible drain tube
with spout.
Equipped with a 0.5 Bar safety valve.
Model G158
Drains the sump
by tap at the lowest point.
Drainage by gravity.
Particularly adapted for the sunken recovery tanks.
Advantages of the fixed system :

- Connected directly to the used oil recovery tray.
- Equipped with a 7 or 12-metre tube, it can easily serve 2 or 3 ramps.
- It fits perfectly in with the bulk oil distribution drums.

Technical characteristics :

- Used oil suction system consisting of one 7 or 12 m drum with pivoting support and double 7m double tube.
- 1 1/4" pan-mounted diaphragm pump.
- 1 25-m flexible tube equipped with a suction adapter.
- 1 adapter wall mounting bracket with removable tray. This system serves two ramps.

Designed to make the work of professionals easier, the VRM valve-plugs replace the traditional plug to drain by suction, without unscrewing or re-screwing. It adapts to any type of vehicle (light goods vehicle and heavy goods vehicle).
Owing to its design, it is located at the lowest point and does not exceed the internal thread of the oil pan. Therefore, it can completely drain the used oil. Its external dimensions have been calculated to avoid any risk of collision.
Its bichromate-zinc-plated steel body to automobile standards, its stainless steel spring and its designed gasket resist hydrocarbons and heat throughout time.
VRM has created a new socket that eliminates all the risks of slipping when mounting the plugs. The new shape of this socket blocks the plug during mounting.
(opposite, mounting socket for plugs REF. 820192).
No more plug leaks, even on oil pans where the gasket surface is deformed.
Cars with a sheet metal oil pan often end up with oil leakage problems around the drain plug gasket. An over-tightened plug, assembly operations… are the cause of gasket surface deformation on the oil pan.
VRM has developed a specific gasket made of synthetic material. Its deformation capacity is considerably greater than that of a copper gasket and assures a perfect seal.
of VRM filling

The VRM adapter can be used to fill the oil pan via the VRM plug.
It can be connected to all filling nozzles available on the market.
VRM also proposes oil distribution assemblies mounted on a 1400 litre tank or on a bench tank (mono or two products).
You can also rent these systems at modest prices to be equipped without investment and pay them off throughout use.